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Yoga & Meditation in Sri Lanka

"The union of mind –body-spirit" A great opportunity to unite, coordinate, or energize and is referring to the proper integration of the body, mind and spirit as one as the name implies from Sanskrit. Based on healthy mind in a healthy body Yoga is an essential foundation to naturally calm and guide the mind inward. Our Yoga classes are arranged to fit everyone and beginners are welcome.

Please contact us in advance if you would like personalized one to one Yoga session with our Yoga master.

Although only recently embraced in the West, has recognized and practiced yoga for thousands of years in South Asia as a powerful complement to Ayurvedic medicine and healing. Ayurveda and Yoga come from these amazing philosophical matrix. They examine the body - mind-concept from the viewpoint of maintaining health and treating disease.

The yoga is practised in Aida Ayurveda, the traditional Hatha Yoga (postures) with pranayama (breathing exercises), it develops, is to awaken the Kundalini. This form of yoga helps stretch the spine and if you can keep the spine supple, and it can slow down the ageing process. "You're as old as your spine".


A guided session by a Buddhist monk will conduct meditation which will help to halt continuous flow of thought that makes our minds restless. Meditation allows us to be in the present moment and gives the mind a needed rest.

Meditation observation, where mind is focused on one point, making it still so we can know our true Self and discover the blissful tranquillity that is within us.

Meditation refers to the meditative practices associated with religion and philosophy of Buddhism. Core meditation techniques are preserved in ancient Buddhist texts and have expanded and diversified through teacher-student transmissions. Buddhists pursue meditation as part of the path to enlightenment and nirvana.

The next words for meditation in the classical languages of Buddhism, Bhavana and jhana / dhyana.

Meditation requires discipline, determination and patience. It will not play on the first try, but constant practice will help you go a long way. All your efforts will pay off one day, when you reach the physical and mental health benefits mentioned above and more.

Some studies show that this is a generalized reduction in multiple physiological and biochemical markers, such as decreased heart rate, manifested decreased breathing frequency plasma cortisol decreased (the major stress hormone), decreased heart rate and increased EEG alpha (brain waves associated with relaxation). During meditation, one goes through a state of deep relaxation while the mind is the awareness increases. This leads to faster responses, more creativity and better comprehensibility.